This may help bring some comfort to you.

I hope this helps some of you.
This afternoon I decided to make an online calendar for 2019.
I did this last year for family but this year I am doing it just for me.

I use Vista, there are lots of others. It’s quite easy to do and you can select photos of the loved one you have lost .

I want to keep my lifelong partner close by in the months ahead and I thought this might help me.
I’ve chosen photos from over the years we’ve spent together. They bring back such happy memories. I’m so terrified if forgetting the good times and only remembering the pain .

I hope this helps Jx


Nice idea. I did one last year with photos of Grandkids on. It works well if you can match the date of photo up to the calendar month. Maybe describing the locations and the event would be useful for me. I’ve loads of photos that I don’t know where they were taken. My wife used to complete my memories for me as I only have fragments. She had two major brain operations and could still remember more. It’s important to me to remember everything about her or to know where to look for the detail. My father had. Alzheimers and that’s why I retired early.

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