This may help everyone

When picking up my mums ashes last week. The funeral director gave me a small book.

“A simple guide to coping with bereavement” by Dr. Bill Webster.

I was advised just read parts at a time.

I picked this book up this morning. It is as if the writer is reading my mind. He knows how I’m feeling and making me realise I am normal. I’m not crazy.

I honestly think it will help. I have done what the funeral director has suggested and only read part of the book. I will read more as I feel I’m through each stage.



Thank you, Janice x

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Thank you Janice. I just looked him up and found this:


Thank you Kate x

The funeral director has been to a few of the writers presentations. He lost his wife suddenly and unexpected. Which prompted him to write this book. Just reading the first few pages have made me realise I really am normal. I wondered why I felt nothing and was beginning to feel guilty, which in turn was causing problems for myself. I now understand my numb feeling is real. It’s part of grieving. It’s the body protecting from the hurt and pain to come.


Whilst looking for the book mentioned above by Confused 1, I came across this meditation. I tried it and I came out sobbing but it was a beautiful experience…:heart:

I also have searched for the book. All I am coming across is it’s a free book from funeral directors. I don’t mind putting pics up if the pages if wanted. I believe this would be ok as it’s a free book.


I did find the site and it is free Janice by sending away for it to Ontario. I’m not sure I’ll bother doing that. How many pages is it? xx

Its 35 pages. In the back it has a form to order and the book costs. I will try to contact the author for permission to share. Cover all legal sides of things just in case.


The books and DVDs can be ordered from.

The Centre for the Grief Journey UK
9 St Andrews Crescent
DD11 5DE

The book I have is:

Now What? A simple guide to coping with bereavement by Dr. Bill Webster

It costs 3.99

Will type in the links in the book in next message


:+1: Thanks Janice xx

Hi Kate this is unhappy 127 I have found your meditation post & have just listened to it. I do actually feel a lot better than I have lately it is brilliant I do hope I can find it again as I want to experience it again when I go to sleep. Thank you once again . :kissing_heart:X

I’m really pleased you found it helpful Unhappy 127. It should be easy enough to find as it’s just back a bit on this thread. xx

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