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Hi James. I watched this tonight but in a way it confused me because the speaker says that those that have passed are grieving too for the ones they left behind. He said they want us to be happy and move forward but that made me feel so guilty about grieving because I feel I am hurting my husband and he is supposed to be in a happy place without pain or fear. How can that be if he too is grieving for me? He always said that his biggest fear was of leaving me behind so this video has made me feel that his fear is re iterated.
Sorry for these deep thoughts. I tend to ramble at this late time but I just wondered what other people think. I always wondered how the deceased could be so happy in heaven if they are not with their soul mate.


What I took from it is that our loved ones want to help us move forward in our new life but that during those early times when we are grieving badly, they find it difficult to do so. We should not be afraid to grieve - we need to - but as we start to come to a bit more acceptance, then they are able to support and guide us and send signs. They want us to be as happy as we can be in our new life as they still love us. That’s what I think he was saying anyway!

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Dear Jules4
Your explanation is as I see it my friend.

Dear Angiejo1
I hope this helps my friend.

Hi James, my husband said, a few hours before he passed ‘I don’t want to lose you and baby ( the son we had had who died of a heart condition), So he must have known that he was leaving us and it hurt him… Thoughts like this torment me… I can do nothing all day and the idea that he will not be here to sit and drink tea and watch tv and share… He made the house a home…

Dear Beetango,
Your dear husband knew he was soon to pass over into spirit. You, he, and your baby were soul mates. He didn’t want to lose you or the connection he had in spirit to your little darling baby at that time whilst he was alive in his physical form - bless him. Yet now your husband is in spirit and with your baby son together - and are for ever there when you call them - they are your spiritual guides. X

Dear James 71, thank you for your words; they are very wise… it tears me apart to know that he has gone without me and I cannot wait to be with him…

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Dear Angiejo,

I come from a long line of women who have ‘the gift’, my late sister, late mum, late grandma etc. all could see dead people but could never understand why I refused to get involved, it only runs through the female side of our family. The truth of the matter is that I was afraid to get involved, I still am, even though I hear things and experience things even now. Our 16 year old granddaughter has seen Peter since he died.

I remember many, many years ago when I was a teenager, I was at my grandmas with my mum, my granddad had died a few weeks earlier and my grandma was telling my mum what had happened when she had seen a spiritualist about her dreaming of my granddad on a night, she said he was holding an unlit candle. I listened at the door and my grandma said the spiritualist had told her that the candle was not lit because her tears was putting out the flame, she said my granddad was happy in heaven but he was upset because of the tears she was crying for him and to let him go and be happy because they had had a long and happy marriage. My grandma then told my mum that she went to bed that night, dreamed of my granddad and he was holding a lit candle and that was the last time she dreamed of him.

I wonder if our loved ones are grieving for us because they know we are unhappy and cannot move on, perhaps we owe it to them and to ourselves to move forward, remembering the happy times and be grateful for what we had.


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