This song says it like it is when you are grieving.

Just copy and paste it, it is beautiful and it will make you cry, but it says everything you feel about your loss.

Sheila xx

Beautiful, can’t say any more.

The words says it all. Also my made me cry. But such a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. Not coping to well of late. Finding things hard coming to terms with my loss. I miss my wonderful dad so so much. Take care all. Xx

Beautiful song and yes it did make me cry. Thank you for sharing it. Xx

Thank you Crazy Kate, Susie and Joey.

Joey, I just thought I would tell you that this song was recorded in 1972 by a group called Bread. It was written in memory of the late father of one of the group members.

I posted it as I think it covers every person who has lost someone.

Dear Joey, I am so very sorry for your loss, I lost my father when I was 25 years old, it was the year after he had given me away at my wedding, it was 50 years ago and I can still remember the day he died as clear as anything, he was a lovely man who loved his family as I am sure yours did.

I think that this may interest you.

This song was recorded in 1972 by a group called Bread. It was written in memory of the late father of one of the group members.

Sheila xx

Beautiful song, I lost my Dad 2 Months ago 9 weeks after diagnosis and you’re right it says everything you feel but can’t always say.

I am so sorry for your loss. I found and still do find, that what hurts the most is knowing you will never, ever see them again in this lifetime. All you will ever have are memories and photos which is heartbreaking. When my husband died I started a memory box of all the birthday cards we had sent each other from 1964, 21st birthday keys, wedding bouquet dried roses etc. You can do the same, make an album of all his and your mum’s photos from before you were born, your baby bootees, christening presents and pictures of your dad holding you. Something to show your children and grandchildren when the time comes or if they are here already.

The song was recorded in 1972 by Bread in memory of one of the group member’s father when he died. It covers all losses.

I have just made a video of photos of my late husband when we met when we were teenagers in the 1960’s and added this song to the soundtrack. I have now been four years without my wonderful husband of 47 years and I still grieve, the pain softens around the edges but it never goes away and never will.

Sheila xx

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