This time.....however long ago

7 weeks and 2 days. Keep replaying his sudden death. And thinking this time eg. 8 weeks ago we were happy doing such and such…now he’s not here…awful. Sometimes I think “ok this hurts, but I can keep going”. Today it’s "what’s the point of everything ". Feel bad ringing VERY supportive family in tears. So sorry for everyone on here and the difficult climb through every day.


Ring them, they don’t mind. Honestly it’s so hard and the bad days are just crap. You are in such early days where it’s all raw.
I look back now and again to what we were doing in certain dates and there are some coming up that will be hard. But we do it, we get through them.

6 months and I have many good days and many bad days in equal measure. I’m also finding my own strategies to help myself now.

It’s ok to feel crap and ok to lean on people. This site is a blessing to as we all understand completely.


I am only a little further on than you. It’s coming up for 9 weeks for me. Still very difficult to talk to family without tears. Or talk about him at all without tears. I had a very bad day yesterday but today a little better. It definitely comes in waves. Friend has just gone having delivered some skimmed milk. Her aunt died suddenly yesterday so not exactly a cheerful visit. Stay in this site as talking and venting help. Neighbour coming over later to pick up some of his shoes for charity shop and she is always cheerful. Hope you have some support local to you. Keep going. 1 hour at a time. Love and hugs xx. Sandra


Almost 10 months of losing my wife know how you feel i am still the same

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@Bill2I am sorry for your loss I am 10 months from losing my lovely husband I seem to be getting more upset instead of better.I am crying more and just can’t seem to deal with it.
The kind people on here say that it will get better but I don’t feel it will


@19Lefke95 @Bill2
So sorry you both lost your loved ones 10 months ago.
It’s seven months since I lost my dear husband and my life doesn’t get any better. I am missing him more every day. I think I know that from reading your posts and others who have been grieving a long time, my life is not going to get easier just yet, but I am trying to be positive.

I am here sobbing just can’t cope anymore. Weekend are my worst time.


So sorry, I know how you feel, I have had a few tears this afternoon, the awful weather is making it worse, cannot even go for a walk.
Sending hugs x

I have cried this afternoon just can’t cope it’s harder each day.what’s the point without my amazing husband xx


I lost my husband 20 months ago & have found the second year much harder. There was so much to organise in the first few months but now I feel almost irrelevant. I have some lovely friends but they don’t really understand the huge loss after 47 amazing years. Like so many of you, I find weekends really hard & still shed tears.


Debbie, I often feel the same. I really wonder what it’s all about. No joy or peace anymore.
Sending hugs x

Another day without him…been with him since I was 19yrs old…for 45 years. I actually feel as if I’ve pulled muscles with the crying and tension. We are all just having to plod on one minute at a time. There’s no magic cure. Had a good walk thismorning with my bestfriends…my dogs… 3hrs on phone , on and off to brilliant relatives…but another evening looms, looking at his empty chair.