This will be a bad day

Not only did I get a really bad nights sleep, my legs hurt but my carers haven’t turned up this morning. Someone is now in their way but it is now 09:00 and they are normally here at 07:30. I can’t shower till they get here and I have been up since 6:30. It’s not that warm. I do hope the day gets better or I will be wailing again


So sorry Sandra, I hope your carers soon arrive and your day starts to improve.
Sending hugs x

Somebody now on their way. It’s not even Friday 13th. It’s actually the supervisor who should have been here. I will be changing company in the next 2 weeks but with the same care staff. Put it down to that.

She had been going through issues with her redundancy and had forgotten to set her alarm

Very professional - not! Very poor when people are relying on them. You could have been going out - like last Monday!!

The company who is taking over the one she is leaving is renowned for people not turning up at all. This is the first time her company has let me down. The new one has an excellent reputation. Except that don’t know postage. They sent me the contract with not enough postage and I wasn’t the only one so they are obviously going to refund us all. Forgot that larger envelopes need more than 1 first class stamp.

Fingers crossed, you have excellent service from the new company. Hope your day now runs smoothly.
Just going to a management meeting with the managing agents of our apartments. Hope I can concentrate and keep awake!!

So sorry to hear what you’re going through. It almost seems at times that people seem to want to “hit us when we’re down” as if we haven’t already got enough to contend with. I hope your day gets better. I’m off out soon to drop off food to my autistic son then will be visited by potential gardeners this afternoon. xx

Good luck with the gardeners. I have found a real gem. He has only been once so far but my garden is small and low maintenance. When I got a bit teary he gave me a hug and sat and talked to me for 1 hour which he didn’t charge me for. He is probably not the best gardener but he turned up, doesn’t over charge and does keep it tidy. He gave me another hug when he left. He is coming back in a month and won’t charge if he finds nothing needs doing despite a 20 mile round trip. Xx.

They get very good reviews. Good luck with the meeting.xx

So sorry Sandra , hope they turn up soon and things get better for you xxxx

Yes they turned up. Very dishevelled and apologetic. Absolutely distraught. I really believe this is the first time it has ever happened to her. The new company costs a little bit less. I was given notice by the old one as all the carers are moving to the new company. They didn’t have the staff. All the clients are also moving to the new company. It should be a seamless change with the same carers I have now. Thank you for your support. At least the day should seem shorter. Hugs. Sandra

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