It been 8 months since i lost my belloved husband we were married for 24 years would have been 25 years in feb. Every day is like climbing a mountain you want to reach the top but you find it a struggle but you keep going because you know that it will get easier eventually

Hi I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain it’s caused. This journey is horrendous and what a roller coaster ride it is .
I’m not sure it gets easier but I feel we just learn to live with it. It is so very hard I hit rock bottom so I know exactly how you are feeling as does every other person on this forum reading your post so you are far from alone . Stay strong and keep chatting :heart::two_hearts:

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Thankyou yes everyday is is a struggle but just taking baby steps i have good family support and friends but sometimes i feel that iam like a robot just doing everyday things like that saying circle of life.
When you shared your life with someone for over 25years it very hard to then find that life will be very different on your own but we cope dont we because we have to The .world didnt stop because we lost a loved one