My everything gained her wings back in February. Because of the treatment my wife received I lodged a complaint. A few weeks ago I received a phone call to say that they are now treating it as a “serious adverse incident” I received an updated phone call on Tuesday from the hospital to say I will receive a further update in 3 weeks. It has opened up my memories of how she was treated. And all I can do is cry. I feel as if I have let my family down by not fighting harder. When we received the bad news we were given co-codamol tablets and shown the exit. We did not know what we were supposed to do. A couple of days before I lost her I got a phone call to state that my wife will not be going in to a hospice as she was not dying quickly enough. I’m lost with out her. She is my everything yet I let her down when she needed me the most.


Hi Blueman
So sorry for your loss. I really feel for you because I lost my partner at the end of March this year. He was in hospital but the way he was treated was appalling. I did not complain at the time because I didn’t want to make things difficult for him as he was getting better & I just wanted him home. The 24 hours prior to him having a cardiac arrest were horrendous for him & they told him he was having a panic attack & left him to deal with it alone. After he passed away I put a letter of complaint in but when the response came back I did not accept it. Every time I get a letter back it brings back all the bad memories & as I was with Phil when he went into cardiac arrest & had an internal bleed I have very vivid flash backs. I will keep fighting it & I hope that you do the same. I understand when you say you feel that you let your wife down as I feel that I let Phil down. We should not have to feel like this as it is the medical staff who are to blame not us, we did everything we could at the time. I do not often write replies on here as I am not very good at knowing what to say but when I read what you had put my heart went out to you as it sounded so similar to what I am going through.
Take care
Net xx