Thoughtless people

Why are people texting me wishing me a happy new year, I know they mean well but they could have worded it better grrr.

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Hi Skylark i agree .I told everybody that has my number not to wish me happy new year (i told them id go round and give them a slap if they did ) and not 1 of them texted me whooooooo.People should yes its happy for them but not for you so i wont wish her it Colin

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Hi Collin p,Oh I never thought to do that just thought people would know not to.My Daughter bless her said welcome to the new year I don’t want to be welcomed either but at least she had the common sense not to put happy.

I had a very irritating video of fireworks sent to me wishing me a Happy New Year. Not pleased at all but trying to take it in the spirit it was sent.

A bit tactless but like you said have to take it in the spirit it was sent

That’s what I was dreading this year but instead got the really jolly usual ćhristmas cards with no extra message, apart from the odd couple who ‘thought before they sent’. Then the first day back at work, it was like being an alien, because I was not all jolly.

i haven’t really got a reply about the HNY thing (that i can’t quite say out loud), i think i accept it as i trust it’s meant well

but , on reflection, thanks to your post, i actually realise that it does annoy me and i’m really grumpy when i hear it. atm, 3rd day at work after the break and i keep avoiding people (and the HNY/CHRISTMAS small talk). it’ll die out soon i hope.

god how i’m not looking forward to this year :confused:


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