Thoughts of suicide

I am having an exhausting day!
Grief is really ripping into me!
I am in week 9 of losing my Chris to a heart attack, he died so quickly, 22/4/22 ,
Thank want to end this suffering! It is becoming very hard to stop the thoughts!
I cannot see a future! I don’t want this life!

Please reach out to someone from the urgent help links above.

I totally understand how you feel. It is always in the back of my mind, not so much wanting to actively do something but just wishing something would take me out, to close my eyes and not wake up.

That is grief, that is heartbreak and it is normal. You are not alone.

Do you have someone who can come and be with you?

Thank you for caring, it just feels so awful today , I have asked my daughter to come and be with me , until this passes, it is so real x

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Dear j.mstone
You are obviously feeling very low today, which is understandable.

As Beki has said , please take a look at the urgent help suggestions above, as you sound like you need to talk to someone to help get you through this tricky time.
Samaritans are available 24/7 to talk to on the phone. Their number is in the urgent help section.

I’m glad that you’ve asked your daughter to come and be with you to be a support. It’s important that you’re not alone when you’re feeling so low.

Thank you for posting and for letting others know that you’re feeling particularly low today

Take care and keep talking, please



Hi j.mstone please try and talk to friends or family and tell them how your feeling im comming upto 5 and a half months and the days are long and sad i have friends and family but feel so lonely i just want to talk to him all the time i do think is this my life now but i also think tomorrow is another day will it be a easier one we also had a 8 month puppy when my husband died and he does help me start the day xx

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