Thoughts on socialising.

Hi Sheila,
Ah lovely memories, there’s nothing like it to be able to sit and remember the happy times, time to yourself to think instead of being pushed to do something.
The plants will be crying out for water it’s been too hot for me today, I prefer it a bit more comfortable instead of feeling like I’m going to melt .
I watered the garden at seven this morning, I get bitten alive by the blooming gnats if I do it in the evening .
It is lovely for families to be spending time together, time that they wouldn’t of had, I hope it makes people realise what’s really important. I am jealous of others though, keep thinking of the time I could be spending with Tim, he worked hard, seven days a week sometimes, not much time off so this lockdown would’ve been special together time.
That’s lovely you were all able to sit round the table each night and talk, when you think about today with the kids constantly on their phones , no conversation, it was lovely back in the day, more simple.
They’re saying storms here tomorrow, so hopefully will break the heat a bit, and I don’t have to water the garden :joy:
Love Steph x


Really, storms, in West Yorkshire it has given it out to be the same until the weekend. Just got some plants to put in tomorrow and I am growing some tomato plants. I had a bumper crop last year. I bought a greenhouse last year, one of those you put together yourself but when I emptied the bits and pieces onto the lawn I could see I needed a degree in engineering to put it together. I will have to ask our Mark to have a go with it.


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Yes. I have very similar feelings it seems like people just don’t understand and want you to get on with it already. I lost my father less than two months ago and my friends are done with the sympathy and now looking at me like I’m a crazy person.

I’m trying not to let it hurt my feelings and to find the strength to realize the truth which is I feel more content as you said, when I’m just with my cats and enjoying nature. I could be real and not feel like I have to explain or defend why I’m just not ready yet. So thank you very much. You’ve helped me out

Hi Sheila,I’ve just found the link you sent me! Thankyou and please forgive me for the longest ever wait for a response!
How are you doing? Love and hugs Corinna :broken_heart:

Hi my love,

I am okay thank you, fed up of not seeing anyone, not even the neighbours. Everyone is working from home. The last time I saw our family was on the 4th February, my birthday, they popped over to bring me flowers and presents which was lovely but since then, just text messages.

I was thinking about getting my home valued and moving to somewhere smaller but I love this area, it is so quiet and the neighbours have been here for so many years, when they move in they never leave. Our youngest son wants me to move nearer him but I am so handy for everything here, a taxi into the bus station and I can go anywhere on my bus pass, even the coast, I was thinking, once this pandemic is over I will book a hotel at the coast and get the bus there and stay a few days. It has taken me six years to pluck up the courage to go on my own, I did book a Scottish holiday before the pandemic but our daughter in law was very ill so I cancelled it and then booked for a Christmas holiday but I got ill, it was not meant to be. To be honest, I was relieved I had to cancel the holidays as I just wasn’t ready to do things on my own but I think I am now. Just somewhere I can get home from in a couple of hours if I am not happy about it.

How are things with you, how are you coping, it will be just over two years since your lovely husband Ron passed away, how are you managing on your own, especially with the pandemic.

I have not left the house and garden since last March due to my terrible immune system and with having Asthma, wearing a mask is a no no as I can’t breathe so I don’t go out anywhere. I had my first vaccine last month and due for the second one in April. At the moment I am on a diet trying to get some of the blubber off I have put on so by the time we are set free in June, July (hopefully), I should be slim and able to wear normal clothes, I have been living in hoodies tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Please take care and stay safe.


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