Tier 3

Just been informed that we are in tier 3. Really disappointed as was hoping that next week at least could get out and maybe have a coffee at the shops to break up the day. An extra three weeks has made me really depressed. I think the government are not treating elderly people who live alone very fairly. It is fine if you have family nearby to which you can attach yourself but if your children live miles away then you are truly on your own. People say to that we must obey the rules. These are people with partners and sometimes children at home so they are not alone. They have someone to talk to who talks back. They can have a cuddle and a hug and laugh together over something on the telly. All normal everyday things. Why can’t people understand what it is like to be truly alone. Phone calls are fine but after that there is nothing. I have kept myself busy all year but I have now run out of steam. We should be allowed to form a bubble of say three or four so we could move around a couple of times a week and just socialise a bit. Most of my friends who are widows go out to shop and that is it so we are not mixing with anyone else. The news really upset me and has made me feel very alone and vulnerable. Just wondered how other people were feeling. I am two years down the line from my husband’s death but this year has seen me treading water and the grief is very raw. I am at the point where I would welcome something terminal just to get me out of here which is not good.


Hi Florence. I can only say, ditto. As @Tillwemeetagain says, who don’t you form a bubble with one of your friends? I know exactly what you feel like. Christie xxx

@Florence it must be so hard. I agree with the consensus that you should form a bubble with others if you can. I can’t imagine what you’ve already gone through and if you can get some company in any way I really think you should as its too hard alone. personally I cannot cope alone (only barely coping in the bubble with my family).

I hope you can make a bubble with friends and get yourself through this next period somehow. Good luck x

Many thanks for your messages. I could form a bubble but only with one person and that would still mean there are others I cannot see. I just wondered if anyone else felt that the rules should be a little kinder to single households. Not only widows and widowers but single mums and people who have never been in a relationship. Boris and his team go home st night to a family. They are busy with a job all day and so time passes. I would love to have a job to go to every day and talk to others. The rules are a little crazy as one household could be mixing in four different places whilst at work. I have a friend who for four years was agrophobic and I have to call around and get her out for a walk but as she is 84 and it is cold this has now stopped. I don’t think that anyone gives a damn about how the elderly end up mentally by being locked in solitary.

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I totally agree. I had never really been lonely until recently so I didn’t appreciate how truly tough it is. Those making the rules are probably similarly ignorant.

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