Time and grief

The passing of time is of no consequence, every day is the day she died. If I forget her for a second, I feel that I have betrayed her. I would not have it any other way.


Hi, yes I have to admit that what you write applies to me even now and no I don’t want it to change.
Bless you for your post. S xxx

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In some ways it gets harder, nearly 11 weeks after loosing my beloved I’m still winded by the finality of his death.

I feel exactly the same, I long to hold him and ‘take him in’. Sometimes when I’m out walking our dog I reach my hand out for him to hold.


I always listen to a sad song by Cat Stevens, “How can I tell you” from his album Teaser and the Firecat. It’s on you tube. It makes me cry, but strengthens me ( Not the live version)


Thankyou, I’ll have a listen xx

The lyrics are very touching.

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Agreed.We will never forget them.Michael.

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To Normeo and Lonely I share your pain, even after 3 years. Easy to say but I find I maybe focus on the loss now, or try to, and just enjoy the memories…remember and talk to your loved one. They live on in your heart.
After lots of thought I am convinced I will never really process the loss. I just have to keep myself busy every day. Needs a lot of effort but the alternative is the pain of grieving. I have family and friends but you have to ‘get on with your life’. Examples
I go to the gym/swimming or visit my library where we have lovely staff and see other people just enjoying leisure.
Miss my beautiful wife every day but just try to find a reason for getting out of bed each day.
Big hugs


Meant to write focus LESS on my loss now.

Your reply really cheered me up. I loved my wife in every sense of the word…she looked 10 years younger than her age. But in terms of our loss we miss a soul mate. I have said many times that lockdown would not have bothered me if she had been here. Music has so many nostalgic connections and holiday adverts the same. Fantastic memories that some people never have. Like to think they will be proud that we keep their memory alive.
More hugs