Time to grief

Dear all,
I lost my mum a couple of weeks ago and I am overwhelmed. I started work again last Thursday after having two weeks off to arrange the funeral, be with my Dad etc. Work is stressful, I’m doing extra work as we are very busy and with the usual family life I am afraid that the memories of my mum are already fading. I feel guilty for leaving my Dad to return to my family and his sadness breaks my heart. We both can’t accept that my mum is gone. I have asked to change my next time off so I can visit my Dad for a while and work has denied my request as this would mean I carry over days into the new fiscal year. I know however that another colleagues request was granted which makes me think no one understands my pain. I know life just goes on for everyone and it is my grief but I often feel lost.
Thank you. Take care.

I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s such early days anc you have gone back to work so quickly. That’s awful they won’t let you have the time off work. Why don’t you go to the dr and get signed off work for a bit. You will then be able to go see your dad and take the time you need to process what has happened. I took off months after my mum died. It’s a slow process and you must look after yourself. And your dad needs you. If your work are not going to show compassion then get signed off they don’t deserve you. Your mental health comes first. And your poor dad needs help too.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my father less than two months ago. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus my 22 year massage practice it was closed down. But my clients keep pressuring me to re-open and finally I said I have to take a leave of absence. I’m so grateful for that. I cannot imagine being in your position right now because there’s no way I’m able to work and handle this. I am sending you so many good vibes in my mailbox is open