I am 6 months from losing my partner of 58 suddenly. I would say it does get a bit easier than those early days.so for everyone just starting on this horrible journey have faith.today i am having a bad day came out of nowhere iv been cooing and getting on with life but today i cant stop crying for the life i would have had and feel that ache in my heart…x


@Jan271 glad to hear things have on the whole got easier to manage and sorry today is a bad day. 8 weeks for me and it’s not getting any easier :broken_heart:

@Jan271 . 6 months for me too. lve had 2 days of just sadness, but today lm catching up with the tears not shed. When l feel it coming on all l can think in my head is that song ““here it comes again, that feeling””.


Thank you for posting. I’m 17 weeks on today and it’s definitely easier and I have a life that I enjoy. I miss my partner hugely and still have bad days but overall, I’m enjoying life as my partner would want me to.

There’s a lot of firsts coming up over the next few months and hoping my partner will guide through those and give me the strength to get through.



I feel exactly the same i go on and on then boom it hits…i know everyone things im fine.i go to work have my kids and granddaughter so i do know i have blessings…but still have days like these tho i do admit not so often as before.sending u hugs

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