Time is not a great healer.
Time is the great enemy.
You look back and you can just glimpse the last time you were happy.
You look ahead and you can’t imagine the next time.
All you can see are thousands of pointless moments.
A world of pain without end.

I heard this today , I don’t know who wrote it but it sums up my feelings very well. J


I’m so sorry to hear that you feel like that. I did at first. I need to be careful because threads like this can often lead to misunderstanding. But I didn’t want you to feel as if no one wanted to answer.
I felt at first that I was going up a blind alley with only darkness ahead. Then I came on here and everyone helped. I have found friends here who I talk to and who have lifted me up to another level.
That fact that we all suffer in the same way is helpful, well to me it is. That dark alley now has a light at it’s end. It gets a bit brighter as I move on. But that’s my experience and may not be yours.
Things can never be the same again, but the kindness I have received has restored my faith in human nature, which was waning before my wife’s death.
I don’t know how long I have left, none of us do, but it’s not going to be all miserable. My wife would not have wanted that. Take care and Blessings.

Sorry DaleJackie I agree with Jonathan’s wise words and can’t add much more. I am so sorry that your grief is so overwhelming and think the words you have posted so sad. I don’t know how they affect you, so best say nothing. I hope one day you will find some peace from your sadness.
I grieve, I cry, I feel hopeless, but I do look for that glimmer of light and do see it from time to time which gives me hope.
God bless

Pat xx