Tired of feeling like this

Feeling so down and crying all the time just want to feel better. One thing after another and the only person that ever understood me and was there for me through everything is not here anymore. Its been just over 2 years since I lost my Auntie, my best friend and I just can’t come to terms with it. Why is life so unfair :broken_heart:

Dear broken2,
Just wanted to let you know I read your post and am thinking of you. Yes, life can feel very unfair, and I can understand you are tired of feeling sad.
I do hope that you have days where you feel less down. Have you found anything that has been helpful at all?

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me it means a lot. I think talking on here and reading other people’s stories has helped a little bit it makes you realise so many others are going through the same thing. I’m in contact with my doctor and support officer but been made to feel I should be doing more to help myself so hopefully taking this step is a start.

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