To be able to share

Yesterday there was a service of remembrance for the people we lost. I sat there and cried and cried
Then last night I had the most beautiful dream, Jack’s head was on my tummy, one hand on my knee and I was touching his hair ! It was so loving , so caring and gentle!
He has come to me a few times - it made me so much calmer and at peace

I am glad I can share this with you
Sadie x

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Oh Sadie that is lovely. Jack came to you. I had a dream about Brian two night’s ago. I had asked him to come to me and in the vivid dream we was dancing to a slow tune. Holding each other close. Brian was no dancer but could manage a pretty good smooch, so like you I woke up feeling much happier. This is also not the first time Brian has come to me, so I do believe that he is still with me, just as he promised.

Pat xx

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It is such a good feeling isn’t it ?
I felt loved and at peace
S xxx

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No dreams with my beloved…I thought there would be…maybe there will be…
I find it comforting that you ladies had dreams that comforted you…

Dear Heather, I hope one day you have beautiful dreams about your husband

A friend of told me that as we need to readjust our lives without our husbands, they also need to readjust because now they are a soul without a body
My friend told me to talk to Jack, saying although I am sad I will support him there, my love is there for him and I asked for him to do the same for me - and after few weeks I had dreams about him.

Also you may feel his presence at the most enexpcted time - so just wait and one day …
Sadie xx


Hi Heather, I can confirm what Sadie has said. I talk to Brian constantly. If I’m sad I ask him to help, If I cry then I think of the tears as Brian reminding me that he’s still around and that I am not to forget this. He has come to me when I have had a worry or even directed me to something that I have had no knowledge of and sure enough I find the item he’s showed me in the dream. He even got a message to me about a change of where his ashes were to go. I had made the plans but changed them as he wanted. It’s uncanny but so comforting.
Keep talking to your loved one and let him know he’s very much still a part of your life, keep looking. He will show up.

Pat xx

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Hi Pat , I just had another dream -
In this dream I heard the sound of TV downstairs - I went down , it was dark and I thought Jack came back early then I sat down on the sofa and his hand reached for mine. So loving but then I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore
Sadie xx

It’s such a comfort isn’t it. If I don’t hear from Brian for a while I start to worry that he’s forgotten me. I ask and even write to him asking him to visit and sure enough there he is again. Brian likes his peace and quiet and I chattered too much for him sometimes so I can imagine him raising his eyes at having to keep me happy once more. He can expect no peace from me though.

Pat xx

Haha! You are funny ! I am sure I also talked to much and jack would also roll his eyes!!!
Hope you have a good day Pat
S xx

Dear Pat
I had another dream about Jack - in my dream I heard the tv on downstairs - I went down, it was dark and I said " Jack, I didn’t know you were home " in the darkness I saw his hand reaching out and holding my hand - ahhh so comforting
Hope you are doing ok
Safie xx

Hi. I have to tell you what happened last night.
I woke up in the early hours of the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep (you all know that feeling). I read a book, I watched TV, then I decided to try and meditate. I felt myself floating but didn’t feel asleep. I had a visitation and it wasn’t Brian it was a former partner that I split with just before I met Brian. We greeted each other warmly was friendly and both said that we didn’t regret our 7 yr relationship, hugged and parted. Next I was sitting on a bench by a lake/pond and arms were around me. I asked if this person loved me and he said yes. I turned to my left and stared straight into Brian’s lovely face. He looked so well and handsome and there was a glow over him. I was overwhelmed with happiness and both crying and laughing as I touched his face, his hands, arms continually not wanting to let go. I could actually feel him. He was laughing and talking fast which was unusual for him as he was the quiet one. Then I felt myself slipping away from him and I returned very slowly to reality and my bed. But what a wonderful feeling. You see while I couldn’t sleep I held the framed photo of him against me and talked to him. I wasn’t upset I just wanted to feel him near. As far as I’m concerned he heard and came. I feel blessed. I’m not sure why my previous partner came to me and hope he’s alright.
So don’t give up, keep talking to your loved ones, let them know how much you still love them.
So far I haven’t had a bad day today. I have felt relaxed and quite content with life. I went walking for hours this morning. As usual lovely countryside that I find therapeutic. I stood by a lovely hidden pond in a nature area and watched the ducks, and moorhens. My dogs played on the edge of the water and Bugsy (the little one) walked along a log, when he stepped off at the other end the water was too deep for him and he had to swim for the first time in his life. He turned towards the middle of the pond and I visualised having to go in after him, but he turned again and was non the worse when he landed on dry ground. You may wonder why I’m wittering on but when I am out walking and taking in the nature around me this helps me to feel comfort that I will one day find that glimmer of light more permanently but my Brian will still be visiting me to give me comfort which is what he has done today and guess what it’s my birthday as well. Don’t think about that though, I say I’m a recycled teenager!!!
God bless

Pat xxx

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Ohhh Pat!! What wonderful dream!!! I feel so happy for you!!
I hope you write down your dreams!!
Lots of love
Sadie xx

Hi Pat and Sadie,I read your posts last night and wished and asked Roy to visit in my dreams.It worked!Slightely odd dreams but nevertheless we were together and dealing with the strangeness as a team as we always did.Love to you both and to everyone else on the forum,Corinna xx

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Delighted that you had your dream
Sadie xx

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