To honour my husband Mick

I had this ink filled tattoo with ashes I know it’s not for some I was going to get jewellery made but I always loose it. Mick was always by my side he still is and close to my heart


Oooh, you’re very brave Kim. Did it hurt? All that matters is that you’re happy with it. We do whatever it takes to help us through. Well done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi it’s sore now hurt when he first started it then ok . Hope you ok x

very nice tattoo ,and a great way to keep Mick close to you.ive had 3 so far and they are dedicated to my baby Jayne.1st one took 4 hours 2 nd took 0ver 9 hours 3rd was 4 hours no pain with my first which is on my torso,but the 2nd 1 was painful as buggeries,3rd one was ok.will you have any more?

No more now. When in twenties had a small dolphin done that hurt more than this one . I love it seems strange I have this calmness about me tonight normally I’m a wreck around 9pm on Micks passing. Are you having any more what sort are they

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It’s beautiful kim…and I get how it has given you a sense of closeness with your Mick and how that added a sense of calm to that 9 o’clock feeling you had usually got …take care x

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Hi the portraits of you both amazing and the handwriting I bet there beautiful