To you all

Good Morning
A lovely day out there today,
Shall we all do one positive thing today and then perhaps later share what we did.
,I am going to make my self go for a walk along the river,after chores are done
Wish you all a good day whatever you do


Morning samella,
That’s a lovely idea, the sun’s out, lets do something positive
Steph x

Be nice to see what everybody did.
Take Care

I’m going for a walk just to see another human sick of being on my own xx

Hi there, lovely idea well done Samella for trying to bring a bit of ‘sunshine’ into our lives.
I walk my dogs everyday but today I took them to the seafront near me. I walked the woods that join the seafront and even did a bit of meditation while sat on a log. I love the outdoors and nature so it gives me a comforting feeling. I meet other people out exercising or dog walking also and there’s nothing to stop people chatting as long as the distance is kept. I came home and pottered in my greenhouse and sowed more veg seeds for our allotments, that I am having a rest from today.
Have any of you seen that it has now been decided that Nature is a great healer. How many scientist did it take to work that one out. I have maintained this for years but never so much as the last year while grieving.


Well my day washed hair blow dry it done the usual, chores, then a lovely walk along the river and back sun bathing on the decking, not that exciting but enjoyed the sunshine ,
cooked chicken for dinne now just chilling.

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Hi samella my day consisted of going for a long walk bought some SIU mai sat in the back for a bit with conditioner and hair treatment on. Just dried my hair and got my work stuff ready not exciting I know xx

Well Samella I groomed my wee dog…badly :joy: she actually looks a bit embarrassed to be out in public :face_with_hand_over_mouth: went a walk, hoovered and dusted :roll_eyes: spoke to my cousin on the phone for 3 hours :scream: chucked a quiche in the oven for tea and watched Coronation street. Maybe not positive or productive but it filled another day :wink:

Well we all achieved something no matter how little we did it.
so what’s the next for a little time to pass and keep our minds on other things.

Wish we could have a good old game of bingo now that would be fun xx

Hi had a walk in the sunshine, stopped for a few bits at the shop, and not much else, somethings better than nothing, I’ll try and be less lazy tomorrow, and bingo sounds fun x

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Oh Steph it would be fun if we could do it just a little something for us to focus n think about for an hour. Mrs colt n Ian had me laughing earlier reading there posts about eyebrows so funny xx

Yes she always makes me laugh xx

It has been good reading what we all done
Now we have to set this box ngo up
HOUSE oh no it was a bogey.

I was only waiting on one number anybody else sweating :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

:joy::joy::joy:very funny x

1Yes I was but then checked I wanted 5 numbers in total not just the number 5

I never win anything :joy:

Never mind we have won friends on here and that cheers us up I hope, we all need that now.xx

:blush:yes you’re right x