Today I am so sad, I thought I was coming to terms with it

Hi mum died on 18th April, she was buried on 9th June. I thought I was doing OK but now I’m overwhelmed again

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I’m constantly overwhelmed. You think you’ve got it and then bang open a cupboard and her peanut butter is there. My wife Allison hot taken from me suddenly at 53.on 28 may. Life when losing a loved one will never be the same so I’m told but we will get there they say

It really sucks doesn’t it, I am usually such a positive person. I can imagine your pain too, your picture of your wife is lovely, she looked so happy. 53 is far too young to go. Yes things will get better, eventually
or rather we will just get used to cherishing memories of happier times, and hopefully be able to make new and different memories xx

She was a very happy cheary person. They diagnosed menapause in December to any pains she had said it was because of that. They just made her suffer for months. I have a photo selfie she took in hospital 4 days before and she. Is still smiling. Good job you can’t see me as I’m falling apart

Oh my goodness April thats only a couple of months. Its a rollercoaster that you’re on for months and months. Don’t expect too much of yourself at this stage. Its often sneaky and creeps up when you least expect. Give yourself time.


Lovely photo of Allison x She has a beautiful smile x Take Care x

She was my sweetheart. That our doctors stole from me

I’m so sorry. A similar situation happened recently to my friend’s childhood school friend. There are just no words… I will be thinking about you and your lovely Allison…

Thank you. She was a nurse for over 20 years. A very caring, loving, generous person who when less than 24 hours left still checked her bank so she would honour her direct debits. Who does that.

She sounds lovely and amazing…

She was one of a kind. I was privilege to know her. She did things for people or sent them stuff to encourage them without advertising to everyone. I’m now finding out what she done. She was amazing.

That is such a lovely thing to write… One of life’s special people. I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.