Today I just wanted to see my dad

Today I got up as normal, whilst doing my son’s breakfast had this overwhelming feeling I just wanted to visit my dad today and take my son to see his grandad…Of course the happy memories of doing this suddenly became this massive block of I can’t as he is not here anymore…like I only just really realized and even though it was in January of this year that my beautiful dad was taken, I feel like I’ve only just got it…he’s gone from our world forever…it’s just too much to bare…the logic and the reasoning does not work this time…as the tears began to flow as the bacon was sizzling…
I wondered and prayed so hard that if there is such a thing as God, that I may and we all may see and know our loved ones again, though I know ill not see my dad here again … I do hope and pray families reunite in the spirit world …else life seems so pointless…I read all dad’s messages and Wats app messages today to feel close to him and oh boy did I…but to knock on that door number 4, and hear his Hiya cock, Ahh to hear those words again in real time…but then reality sets in and here I find myself, a least a stone lighter with tears shed, and still coming…if all my tears are drops of love, then my dad I hope you know, just how much love I had for you …always my dad, my rock, the one who really loved me, faults and all… wherever on earth can another be found to do this…no where, that’s for certain…For today I have felt the pain full on of this amazing man not in this world anymore…and the world is never the same again…the simplicity of life missed as if it were the greatest most spectacular, special, Magickal moment like a beautiful sunset…yet all it is, is do you want to stay for your tea… better than 1000 sunsets today this would be …so I find myself here with others who are feeling this way for their dear loved ones…and I pray from all of my heart that you all reunite with your loved ones at some time and that it is true so we can have hope in our sadness…that together again one day we will be…I miss you so much dad…:heart:


Jan those are lovely words, and echo just how I and many other people in the same situation as us feel, it’s strange how these feelings suddenly hit you, for no reason that we can understand, sending love and hugs Jude xx

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Thank you Jude…and yes you are right suddenly unexpectedly out of the blue it happened…it’s so reassuring to know others are going through the same…and how amazingly that a total stranger can make you feel better just for innerstanding…bless you .:pray::heart::relieved:

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