Today is going to be better

Yesterday was a bad day. I cried all day then drank a bottle of wine. Which my mum would hate. So today I’m going to walk on the beach. I’m going to see some friends. And today will be better. Wishing everyone a good Friday.

Those bad days are shit and we can’t do anything about them. Just accept it as the Grief Monster attacking us again.
I agree wholeheartedly with the walk on the beach, do it myself often. I’m with your mum I’m afraid, bottle of wine, not good. Suppose whatever pulls you through those bad days is acceptable. Enjoy your day with your friends and walk.

I’ll leave the wine alone. Well I won’t drink the whole bottle. Now. Here’s a strange thing. And it all depends on beliefs. But yesterday was such a bad day that I sat beside mums ashes on the side unit and begged her to let me know she was ok and still with me. Because I was struggling without her. Today I’m cleaning my sons room and the light just switches off. Nothing wrong with the switch or bulb. And I get a rush of goosebumps from head to toe. Hair literally standing on end. It was such a wonderful feeling. I’ve never paid much attention to the after life and signs. But a few things have happened that are changing my mind.

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