Today was my dads funeral

I lost my dad on the 9th very suddenly today (20th) was his funeral. All I have done is cry since the day I lost my dad I feel numb can’t stop shaking sometimes can’t sleep lost goes on. I miss my dad so much it really does hurt. I’m just so lost gone from speaking everyday on phone and seeing each other all the time to nothing.



I am sorry to hear of your loss and I lost my mum on the 8th Dec and her funeral was today too.

I have just went through today in like a daze and don’t want to think too far ahead as so exhausted from crying.

If you would like to talk about your dad then we will be here to listen and swap stories.

Wishing you an evening where you get some peace from your grief x


Clairwill86, Suzanne 30,
I’m so sorry to hear of both of your losses. I lost my mother on the 2nd November. I saw an interview with a celebrity who said when he lost his mother he was just in a zombie like state for ages. That’s what I feel like.
Love kieran



Thank you for your kind words and can totally relate to the zombie like state x

Are you finding yourself being able to have any more ‘good’ days lately? I think I am then people remind me ‘they don’t want me lonely at Xmas’ and then I feel :poop: again.

I will keep you and everyone else here in my thoughts when I light my candle in Xmas Eve x