Today would have been Dave's birthday hug

Today would have been Dave’s birthday. In 6weeks I’ve had to cope with the anniversary of his death, valentine’s Day,our wedding anniversary & now his birthday. It’s 3years now & I don’t feel I’ll ever feel truly happy again. I go to bed at at night & still cry for him. He was my second husband & we knew in 6weeks that we had to be together. 6weeks after he first asked me out to starting our new life together. We did everything together even working together. We hardly ever we’re apart & I was never happier than being with him. He truly was my soulmate & we seemed to know what each other was thinking.
I have grandchildren & yes it’s lovely to have them & I love them dearly.
I used to love cooking but now it’s such an effort for one. I close the curtains at night & with it comes the feeling of such great loss comes over me. Getting into our bed I feel so lonely. I just wish he was here to cuddle me & wrap his arms around me. I often think of taking my life to be with him but I won’t as I believe we would never be together if I did.
I know I must go on but oh it’s so, so, hard

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Little lamb, not only do I feel for you but understand everything you have written. I am further along this lone road but some days are not good. I too miss my soulmate and I know the first time we met.
We get through and smile to everyone and do what we can knowing that one day we will be together again but like you I knew that it’s only when we are called that we can be together again.
As time goes on the good days became more and even better then one can expect but there are others that should be stay in bed days, unfortunately life doesn’t allow it. We are always here for you and please look after yourself. S xx


Thank you it has helped just putting things down in writing

Keep writing and keep posting, we are always here for you. S xx

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Hello Littlelamb,
I really feel you pain, its been 18 weeks for me and I feel completely robbed as it took me so long to find my soulmate and within a month we knew we would be together forever, he used to tell me he was going to love me for the rest of my life but sadly it was for the rest of his and we only had 5 years together, we had planned to get married but he was very suddenly taken away from me.
I will never get over the shock and am now totally alone.
Life is so cruel.
Every day I wish to be with him but couldn’t put our families though the dreadful pain I’m now living.
I try to stay strong because I know that’s what Pete would want me to but it’s so damn hard.
Sending you a hug.

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