There are days when I just get on with things but never forgetting my Rob and there are days when I just sob and just can’t be bothered with anything or anyone.
Today I went for a walk and a coffee with one of Robs mates and it was lovely to sit and just chat about anything really and feel being with a link to Rob. Rob and Dave go back a long way and Dave was the first person Rob introduced me to ( even before his parents) .
Today was one of the day where I was feeling a bit down and I really needed this it was as if Dave knew I was on a downer.
Then as I get back home like an idiot I started to fill up and cry in front of Dave it just comes from nowhere and I have no control over it I hate it when this happens because I think people won’t want to be around me if I’m crying all the time . How do others cope or control this thanks Karen


Being an old friend he would understand when tears come out of nowhere.
I don’t cry as much as I used to in public, but sometimes you just can’t help it. It only takes a memory, a kind word or just some random thing that can bring tears, I don’t think it’s something you can control.
People that know you well will understand.
Debbie X


Hi Karen,

Those tears just happen and as Debbie said Dave would totally understand. It is coming up to six months since my husband died and I have those tears quite a bit.

Take care.x

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Hi Karen,
You describe exactly how I feel, some days I think I can do this then others I cry all day and want to be left alone.
I love talking about Pete and sometimes I can be fine but then other times I get really overwhelmed and can’t stop sobbing, it often happens with people I don’t know very well and I’m sure it makes them uncomfortable but I have no control over it.
I’m sure people are getting fed up with me.
I wish I had some answers.

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Hi, I often do this .

Remember it’s born out of utter love for that person, the loss is massive .I’ve told myself to cope that she absolutely knew I loved her and would struggle , this calms me down as I can’t go on like I am .

Friends will understand if you cry , that’s why they are friends.


The one thing I do get a little comfort from is the fact that Pete knew how much I loved him, we both told each other all the time and the last words we spoke to each other were " I love you" although we had no idea it would be the for the last time.