So today at 10am i say goodbye to my beloved husband.
.im dreading today


@Susan10 - my dear, I am so sorry. I know the dread of the goodbye. For me, I found the dread and the anticipation much worse than the reality - which was a time when friends and family members all got together, to support me particularly but also each other as we said “au revoir” to Tom. It was beautiful - and many people today still talk about it. So think of it as “au revoir”, not goodbye - because I am sure you will be reunited in time. Hold tight, deep breath - this one is for him, and you have got this. x


Hi @Susan10
I do hope it went as well as possible and you feel he had the love he deserved shown by those attending.
The limbo between a death and funeral is very difficult I feel. The only downside of that being over is that some people who were there for you before get back to their normal lives. I do hope you still have some support.
Hugs xxx

I found that with people who attend my husbands funeral heard nothing from them since the day it was like they were only there to see other family members and eat the free food that was done for his wake after

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