Told you I am losing the plot

So sitting here on my own ,
The usual start to the day cup of tea at 6am , put sons birthday banners up arrange presents cards … have a little cry, go to mum n dads sort breakfast and meds for the rest of the day , leave notes for Carers , get in car put music on cry more . Get home cook son birthday breakfast aka Trappy special ( his dad) he then goes to girlfriends ( support bubble not breaking lockdown rules) .
So I’m here by myself sit on floor , and sob! Hamish my wee Westie comes puts his head on my knee and I then tell him all my feelings, worries and woes!!
He sighs then gets up and goes to the cupboard where his treats are kept and stamps his feet and chatters at me , closely followed by Nessy my Scottie!
Like he saying ok I’ve heard what you said, now I need my treat to digest it all!
That did make me laugh a little , but I so miss my hubby xxxxx


Can I ask how long ago did you lose your husband and how old was he? I lost my dad on Monday and still feel in shock only had one proper meltdown/sob as soon as it happened but constantly feel sick now

Hi Penny , my husband passed June 17th this year , n I’m still trying to come to terms with it xx

Sorry he had just gad the week before his 59th birthday xx

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