Tomorrow can be the start…..

I lost my rob on sept 1st 2020 and don’t feel I have been able to grieve for him properly but I know he would understand.
He was taken so suddenly I didn’t have time to prepare or anything and my world was shake and smashed and it will never be back together as it was.
My mum suffers with anxieties and I’m not sure if it’s robs passing and her worrying about me being on my own or what it is but anyway to cut a long story short she has had to go into a care home permanently, tomorrow me and my son are emptying her bungalow and In a way I’m an somewhat relieved because I can now relax knowing my mum is being looked after ( she loves it at the care home) and I can get on with my life and begin to grieve for my Rob and spend time thinking back on our 33 years of marriage because I don’t feel I have been able to do this for the past year
:crossed_fingers:for new beginnings and reminiscing xxx


Really glad your mum is being well looked after @Kazzer. I hope having the space to grieve helps :blue_heart: