Too afraid

I lost my wonderful husband two years ago and have not coped very well. I spend most of my time at home. My GP has diagnosed me with anxiety and depression. Some days I’m like a rabbit in headlights I have joined a yoga class and I am going to a kick boxing class this Sunday. This is to try and batter the hell out of the morning anxiety. I want to volunteer but at the moment i feel I won’t commit and then would let everyone down if I had a wobble Does anyone else feel like this x


My husband passed 8 months ago and I was diagnosed with depression, and was put on anti depression. It does not work. What you are feeling is heartbreak no one can help us, l play the videos we made just to hear his voice, look at pictures and remember memories, that’s my ant depressant Have you got those? Try maybe it will help. But all I can say is stay safe