Too much

I lost my mum back in march . I’m 38 and have 5 girls myself . She was only 62 and I feel like she’s been stolen from all of us . The pain is unreal . How can you go from being in Mexico in Nov , having emergency surgery diagnosed with terminal cancer and then died in march . The whole things was horrendous as was going trough other things too , i was the main person to care for her until hospice and that process wasn’t nice , I was swore at and told what an awful person I was , my mum died the moment she was told cancer . Her mum ( my grandma ) died also at 62 of cancer . I worry that I will only have certain years left . I am so totally heartbroken , I don’t take time to myself I keep myself busy . I have counselling but not sure that helps (paid for ) I am so tired , I don’t sleep
Right and when I do it doesn’t feel
Like I’ve slept . They say time is a healer but I have had to take a business on and sort all
Mums stuff accounts etc wise . Some days I don’t want to function and all I get is it will get easier .


hello sr85, i’m sorry for your loss. time will dull your senses but your grief won’t go away until you find the courage to let go of your guilt and the loss of your mum. this doesn’t mean forgetting her, it means coming to accept her departure as part of the normal cycle of life and instead of regrets and pain we should remember the good memories and honor her life. i hope you can find some peace on this forum. there are many here that will share their views and support your grieving process. keep posting and sharing your thoughts. my heart goes out to you.

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