Took the plunge

I’m just over 6 months now on this horrible grief journey that we all understand, and I have been having a bad week on and off this week, feeling quite sad and anxious, I have read that one of the ways to try and help move on with the “Grief journey” is to try and look at your partners pictures and listen to there voices if you can, which I have not been able to do, apart for the odd picture for some reason, so this morning I took the plunge and charged Hilary’s iPad up and managed to look and listen to quite a few pictures and listen to Hilary’s voice again, I must admit I cried my eyes up whilst doing this, but afterwards I felt that this had given me some comfort doing this, and as the day as gone on it had put me on a little bit of an high, I can now feel this wearing off but it was nice for that short moment, and I am sure it wont last but I felt it may be worth sharing this with everyone in case others were thinking of trying to do the same thing. Take Care Mickere x


Hi Mickere,
I have a time every day where I look through pictures and listen to phone messages from my son, it also makes me feel calm for a while before the floodgates open again.
Take care xx

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Hi I look through my daughter s txt messages alot and I’ve a video of her Xmas day with her son and partner Jake 4:weeks later she had passed away to cancer of the breast and liver she was 25 she died 26 Jan 2022 if it helps you feel closer to him and calmer then it’s lovely I read them over and over again bloody sobbing but it helps me take care xx

Hi Shelley,
Your loss is so tragic, I’m so sorry. I too spend a lot of time crying with a huge knot in my stomach, its physically painful. It helps reading messages on here. Take care
Sue xxx

Yes the pain is unbearable the empty awful feeling the pain in my chest and stomach and I sob till I can’t breath I read all these posts on here and I now no I’m not on my own anymore because we are all going through the same awful stuff it’s heartbreaking :broken_heart: but I’m trying to find some positive thoughts out of all these posts that I’ve got people here to help and support me and each other. Take care luv XX

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I think accessing and posting on this site is a big step forward and will help support you in all you are going through. You are very brave and hopefully will find some comfort from knowing there are others out there who know what you are going through.
Sending love xx

Thank you it means so much I’m so glad she’s not in no more pain but I miss her so much she had so a daft sense of humour always playing tricks and pranks but she was a brilliant mum to Theo it just break s my heart that he’s no mum she made sure he had his 3rd birthday on the sat and she passed away on the early hours of the wed morning it’s just heartbreaking :broken_heart: :cry: XX

Hi Mickere.
One of the things i really miss i my Linda`s lovely calm voice,i have nothing with her voice on to hear so i am glad that you have it must be so good for you.
Kindness and peace John.

I am able to look at photos which bring mixed emotions. Happy memories of so many good times we had but also upsetting that we won’t have any more.
Hearing mark’s voice though is a different story. He battled to get to our daughters wedding in September and managed to get through his speech. He died 4 days later.
My niece videoed him doing his speech but I haven’t been able to watch it and I don’t think I will for a while yet.
I’m pleased you got some comfort from looking at your photos. They are so precious to us and a reminder of happy times.

My wife stored loads of videos on her phone I’ve got all of those.

She also made a Tik Tok diary of her cancer journey and eventually her loss , it’s heartwarming and heartbreaking to watch

I count myself lucky to have tonnes of stuff to watch .

AHH bless you it’s good to watch all the videos and memories burly heartbreaking :broken_heart: sending love and hugs xx