Its been 6months now,I’ve started to feel worse than ever, in the evening I look at the chair where she used to sit,tears just keep rolling down my face,I can’t stop them,we were together 50years +,I hardly go out now,only to take the dog for a walk, I’ve sold the house in Norfolk wich was our forever home,I’m moving back near my family, as I’m so lonely here now, I feel guilty for leaving this place,but Tina will be coming with me, and I will be nearer to my sons, I’m a fiscal wreck at the moment behind closed doors, I just hope things will be better after the move, I also will be back to a place i know, friends etc, it helps me on here to know that people understand.


@Toprate1 - we all understand on here. You were together over 50 years - a lifetime and more. 6 months without her probably feels even longer. Time in Grief is different to time before. It is a big void, an emptiness, where those of us here pass through, not able to look left or right, up or down, just on and on. It is good you are moving closer to your family - that will be better. I am alone, not lonely, after T died - but find it hard each day to keep going. Take care, my friend, I hope the move goes well and that you feel Tina close to you tonight.