Total devastation

I lost the love of my life two weeks tomorrow and I just can’t handle it,this grief is totally overwhelming .it was a sudden death and even though my husband was terminally ill it was so unexpected and so unfair,I feel anger as well as tears,he was 46.

I too lost the love of my life 5 weeks ago will be 6 tomorrow and i have no idea how i have got through these weeks. It is pain like no other and the sadness is so overwhelming i found reading posts on here helped me feel not so alone. All i can offer is that you must be selfish right now when you can be and do what is right for you. Cry if you want to be on your own if you want to and dont try and hide your feelings to make other people more comfortable. I went to my gp and had tablets to help me sleep because i would only sleep 2 or 3 hours and i have taken time off work now. Please look into bereavement counselling maybe a local group because as on here people understand what we are all going through. There are no magic answers but you must grieve for your loss and you will have to try and start a life you dont want but have little choice.
My heart really does go out to you please try and take care of yourself and take all the help on offer.
Carol x

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