Totally fed up of this website.

This is what I get every single time I reply to comments or try and start a conversation, I am sick and fed up of it.


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I know
I tried send reply private msg this morning
Very difficult to see under the heading
They should judt have left things the way they were before

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Nothing has been fixed even though they were looking into it days ago :angry: really off putting.

I have an iPhone and iPad. Like others have found the message is covered by the reply screen, so I thought I could view the message on one device and reply in another. That’s when you get that message. I have resorted to copy and paste into a note facility on one device so I can see the message as I reply. If you are getting that message Sheila and only on one device you shouldn’t, but that won’t change that we seem to have the message hidden behind the reply screen. I don’t do many private messages but hope my experience helps resolve admin the issues and explain what to expect from the new system, now in place a year.

Hi Sheila,
Sorry to read you are still having problems. I don’t have this problem at the moment but have had the same message come up several times this year. I am not technical, so what I tend to do is log out of the site and log in again, if that does not work, than I restart my laptop. On my phone I would do the same. This has always worked for me, so if you have not tried those steps I would recommend you do so. If you are still having problems after that, do please contact the admin or technical team again on Monday. I am sure they will try their best to get it fixed.

Hello Jo.

I have already sent this message to the email address given in the Category Box, i.e. the three lines you have to click on at the top of the page. I honestly cannot be bothered logging out and logging in again. When newly grieving people have enough on their plates without all this fuss and palaver. Since the website was changed it has been a complete and utter waste of time. When I first joined a few years ago, it was so simple and straightforward but whoever developed this new system needs to sort it out.

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