Tough day ahead

I am absolutely dreading tomorrow 26 th November it would have been my Robs 57th birthday and it’s the first one without him he’s been gone 11 weeks and I’m still at a loss . I’m not eating properly going to work looking after grand kids ,not sleeping too well . Iv cried everyday since September 1st . I just don’t know how I’m going to get through tomorrow, I’m not at work or having the grandkids so I think it will be a pyjama day with the door locked .

I am so sorry about your loss. It’s exactly 6 months today since my Gerry died. A few people have said that the anticipation of how a certain day will be can sometimes be worse than the actual day itself, and I found that for our wedding anniversary and my birthday which were after 11 to 12 weeks. Be kind to yourself and the odd day in pyjamas won’t hurt. Take care, thinking of you x

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Janet T thank you my daughter in law has asked me to have my granddaughter for a couple of hours she’s 2 years old and always on the go and I feel awful at having to say I can’t I don’t know how I’m going to be Iv arranged to have the day off work as it’s part of my job role to administer medications so I don’t want to put myself or others at risk by making a mistake

Kazzer I think you do the right thing not to have any plans of responsibility if possible. This is a day you probably need to be able to go with the flow I expect (but don’t know, I didnt experience this yet but dread the special days that are no longer special).

Thinking of you and wishing I had something better to say that could give some comfort. Best thoughts to you x

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