I’m having trouble coping I lost myhusband of 37yrs I feel lost lonely and thinking is there any point now… nothing too look forward to…just sooo sad


Hi Rolo, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, it’s devastating isn’t it, I lost mine after 40 years, I coped by keeping myself very busy, it stopped me thinking too much, I also did a lot of walking with my dog, and the fresh air helped, sending love Jude xx

Thank you… its all so surreal I’m trying keep busy but my brain resorts to going back…
My friends wanna help bless them but what’s the point wherever I go I will be the sad miserable widow sat in the corner… is my life over now? It sure feels like it…

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No your life is not over, it’s hard, believe me I know, but it will get easier I promise, just hang in there, a friend told me when my husband died, that I had to accept every invitation that came my way, I didn’t of course but the more times I went out the easier it became, I still like my own space but I do go out and socialise when I feel like it , love Jude xx

Hi Rolo, I feel your pain totally. I lost my husband of 37 years in February, and yes, I felt like my life was over then too. It wasn’t. Somehow you learn to live your life in a new way, even though you don’t particularly want to.
It does get slightly easier, little by little, but of course things will never be the same. I still have very bad days and I’m wishing Christmas away already.
As Jude has already said, try & accept every invitation which comes your way from family or friends. I try to (even though I don’t feel like it) but it does really help.
Being on here really helps as well as there are so many people in this dreadful club which none of us want to be in.
We honestly know how empty you feel. Take care

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We are all here for you ,just keep posting how you feel and share your grief with us.Michael

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Thank you Michael… so much grieve n hurt so much…

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The pain comes in waves ,some days I am absolutely out of control just howling for her,wander from room to room calling her name ,tearing me apart.Michael.