Traumatic grief

Hi I’m new in this site and I have just moved to Ireland from another country and I’m experiencing a lot of unpleasant symptoms of grief now and my husband and I are at the stage where he doesn’t know what to say to me anymore and vice versa I’m so exhausted all the time and I feel like I’m only a quarter of who I used to be. It’s just a weird existence I’ve gone from having a full life to just drifting through the day and reading to escape but mainly I’m numb and detached and pretty unsociable although I manage to socialise twice a week. I’m having trouble adjusting to this new alien country I’ve lost my independence my friends and family and my home and the first year was spent doing really stressful stuff then winter arrived and the shock of it really hit me I felt like I was in a nightmare this place really freaked me out I’ve got post traumatic stress issues so that’s u deleting the grief I’m now having to cope with I just a moment glad to find a space where I can just say how it’s is because "normal folk"who are just getting on with life just don’t get it

Hi Natmary.

Don’t worry, you have found a safe place to grieve. I’ve been using the site for a couple of weeks and there are some wonderful people here.

Just let it all out and trust that what you are feeling is normal. We are all here because we are clinging on to the roller coaster of grief so welcome on-board.

Ann x

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Thanks for the warm welcome xxxxx means a lot

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