My mum’s 1 year anniversary of her passing is looming and every day is hard but with work and distractions i have got this far… the 1sts are so hard, sje has missed my 50th and my daughters 21st… as Christmas looms…(her favourite time of year) i have been dreading it but finding my way somehow. Today i find myself not coping, i am a teacher and finished for Christmas holidays today… ive had other holidays without her but today i missed her text…‘nearly there’ … 'you’re on holiday ’ just knowing this is going to be the hardest. I feel so alone. Xx

Sending you gentle thoughts @Poppins - anniversaries can be so hard, as can all those firsts. I am sure a lot of our members understand what you’re feeling right now. It can be a lonely place to be - but you are not alone, our community is with you.

I just wanted to share our Coping with grief at Christmas support page with you; you may find some helpful suggestions for getting through this festive season.

Take good care and keep reaching out,