Tsunamis r us

What the hell. I was driving home from a shift earlier today and without any prompting from anywhere, anything or, anyone I started to cry. Cry with big racking sobs, cry. Can’t get your breath, cry. Physical pain, cry. Desperation, cry…and I have hardly stopped since. The price we pay for love, and loving! Whoever said ‘the best things in life are free’, can’t ever have grieved can they. It’s a bit like the old fashioned higher purchase scenario. You don’t pay a penny initially and you get all the pleasure but you pay the price in the end…with interest. God help us all…Dear me! x

In the overall assessment it’s still got to be worth it, many times over. The best things usually have the highest price to pay.

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Absolutely. I’d do it all again, and some…even if I knew the cost in advance!

In the earlier days I often used to sob on my way home from work. I used to yell at the top of my voice also. Have you tried that? It gives a little relief, albeit temporary, from all the pent up emotion. Xx

Hi Kate, no I haven’t tried that. Other than the night he died. I did it then at home. I’d have knocked Mike Tyson out that night I think…:slight_smile: No I don’t think…I would have :))) I wasn’t angry at my husband just the whole damn thing! Love to you XX

Try screaming into a cushion, I’ve done that a few times, Didn’t want the neighbours banging the wall or thinking I was being murdered. It does give relief, although usually a splitting headache afterwards, But all that emotion has to be released somehow, otherwise I think my head would blow off.

Crying is good as it relieves tension. I used to cry walking up the road to home from work because I couldn’t bear opening the front door to silence. Lots of headaches from muffling my shrieks into cushions and pillows. I was so glad when the tsunamis passed but am not adverse to a monsoon now if the mood takes me.

Good description Mel. I too still get the occasional monsoon. I think probably I always will.


I’m with you all on the tsunami, monsoon thing. Isn’t it odd how it can sneak up on you. Now I mainly have a spring shower almost daily which I just push back up to smudge my mascara but I am sure the weather forecast has a lot more surprising rain to come…

Totally with you on the screaming. I’ve done it in the car. So far the police haven’t been called… I can’t get the full effect from a cushion scream but I have used a cushion to punch…

Let it all out is my motto.

Ann xx

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