Two months gone

It’s now two months since my wife of 42 years died in hospital of kidney failure.
I have no family and my only companions are my dogs. Today the grief is totally overwhelming. I know it is early days but being without my wife each day is absolutely horrendous. I just don’t know how I am going to face the next day without her, let alone the next twenty years. The thought of living on my own for whatever future I have feels me with dread. My close neighbours keep on telling me I am so lucky to have my dogs and that they understand what I am going through after having lost there parents but I really don’t think they do understand how I am feeling.


Hello, how your feeling is perfectly normal, you’ll still be in Shock & will be for some time to come, try not too look at the future it will just fill you with panic, try and focus just in the day that your in, walk your dogs, eat whatever you can & try and sleep, you’ve got a lot of healing to do & that takes time.

I like to think my husband is still around me he just can’t be seen & when my time comes I’ll be with him again, that’s what keeps me going.


Hi Rob
You are in the very early days of the most traumatic time in your life. After 42 years together you will be feeling so lost and alone. We all feel as if we won’t be abe to face another day but we do. We have no choice.
I agree with your neighbour you are fortunate to have the support of your dogs and they do understand their owners moods. Let them help you. Go for long walks with them, try to smile at people you meet and they will smile back and get into conversation with you.
My dogs saved me and gave me a will to go forward and without them I don’t quite know how I would have coped in those early days. I have also met new friends through my dog walking. Your dogs might also be grieving and need your support.
Good luck

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Thank you so much for your kind words. Rob

@sadrob13 No disrespect to your neighbours but just because they’ve lost someone doesn’t mean they kno what it’s like for you. Sharing & building a life with someone & then they’re gone is a different kind of grief entirely. My Dad died in March & I keep telling my brother: remember it’s worse for mum because Dad was the person she invested her time & effort in & she hasn’t known a life any different. The same probably goes for you two. 42 years with someone is a lifetime of special memories created. My bestest wishes to you. X

Thank you Cee for your understanding words.