Two years

It’s been two years since I lost my dad and the pain is worse now than it was for the first year and a half. I was numb for the first year and a half. I hide my grief as I,m made to feel I should be getting over it by now. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and just want to know how long this pain lasts. I feel I,ll never get over this loss and I,m completely devastated.

Hi im so sorry for your horrendous loss it’s heartbreaking it’s six months and three weeks tomorrow afternoon since my soulmate fell asleep in my arms im utterly truamatised witnesing it all happen in front of my eyes all my dreams of growing old together everything we built together hopes and dreams have been stolen from me so cruelly and tragically every day is getting worse my loss is very different to yours but there’s alot of people on here will be in your situation and will message you I’m sorry I can’t help more apart from say I’m sorry for your loss and I hope tomorrow is kinder to you take care of yourself as much as possible in my thoughts Adele x

I,m so sorry for your loss. To witness it lives with you. I witnessed it all as well and can’t get that vision out of my mind. I hope you can find some peace and everyone who is going through this horrendous grief. XXX

Thankyou so much for your kind words means alot its utterly devastating you too hun take care of yourself as much as possible in my thoughts Adele xx

I know it seems a long time but my mum died 18 months ago and I still can’t get over it. I should have spent more time with her towards the end and was going to after retirement but she died a week later and so regret it. I really hope it gets better soon for us both


I,m so sorry for your loss. There is always regret. I don’t think you ever get over it. I think you have to learn how to live with it. Wish I knew how to do that, maybe time will help. In a perfect world none of us would have to face this amount of pain. Thinking of you and hope you can find some peace.

Dear css, I think you are so right, you never get over it but hopefully with time I will get used to it. I hope you find peace also. I don’t feel like seeing old colleagues, too upsetting so I think I will keep myself to myself for a while apart from family and close friends. Maybe next year…

Hi peter

I,m much the same. I only feel comfortable around friends and family. We just have to do what’s best for us to cope with this. I read your post. I too lost 4 friends and family the year before my dads passing and three of my beloved pets. Too much for a person to cope with and it’s all just caught up with me. Look after yourself the one little thing that’s helps me a little is knowing that my dad will always be my dad and nobody and nothing can take that away from me. Your mum will always be your mum x