Un supportive family

My family quite sad and unsupportive.
Very bitter and cold.
We never had any memorial for our Siblings or relatives.
They feel guilty and other members of the have become unwell.
We have to try and support each other
They just care about there families.

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My family never supported me or my husband whilst bringing up our two special needs children. They came to our daughter funeral who died at 22 suddenly but it was superficial. Only people who cared was my parents who died over 10 years ago.

When my husband died 20.06.22 they came to his funeral but never contact again. I honestly don’t need them but my son who is autistic will be left with no one when I go.

There is a saying where l live “You can pick your friends but not your family “. I carry on for my son and promised my husband l would be there for him l except nothing from my sisters and brother. Xx

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Hi Jeanine

Condolences to you on the lost of your Daughter & husband & the family.
Prayers and Thoughts.
Thank you for sharing.My brother passed away in 2020 he had Autism & Mum.
During pandemic year lot lost someone.

Then aunt pass in May 2022.
A lot of families go through this.I am learning.

We learn from each other.
You are so right I have great friends that have been supportive more than family.
And my daughter & partner.We can achieve stay positive & Strong all the great memories will be with us forever.


No Support
Unsupportive family we have no togetherness.How do you let go or give encouragement who have become a

Source of selfish , Weird family members. People keep asking.

In your life when you are related to them.A lot of guilty consequences.They just block out.
We just went to friends for Xmas they keep me going.

Never get together for a Memorial.Lots of cold bitterness.I don’t think we are entitled anything. Just for themselves.Do not care.

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