Unable to cook

Good tip. I have a freezer full of apple sauce now. There could be pork sausage sandwiches with apple sauce joining the fish fingers soon.

Cooking for me was one of the first ways i got back to some normality. In the first week, after the loss of my Mum I was making food from scratch. I didn’t particularily want to. I’m quickly because quite happy to cook.
With my Dad 20 years previously I was happy to eat convience food for a few months.

Lost my hubby about 4 months ago unexpectedly and I don’t enjoy cooking now like I used to. I find the weekends are really bad in terms of missing my hubby and feeling very down, I don’t really know why? I have got more into a routine during the week. On Sundays I used to very much enjoy cooking a lovely Sunday lunch (even though he could not eat very much), I used to try and fatten him up as he had lost so much weight. Now, I must admit I buy a lot of ready type meals and pizza but I do still occasionally cook from scratch. I wear my hubby’s rubber gloves to wash up! I live in the country and do not drive so although I have a fridge/freezer I have just bought another small freezer so I can stock up a bit more. Also I have two dogs and now the car has gone I use the garage for storage and can stock up on dog food. I am getting used to being alone (you have to) and making all the decisions on my own and it is so hard without him. I do find that a glass of wine or a G & T while cooking makes me enjoy the food more!


Hi I’m ss for your loss I’m the same I lost the love of my life my husband 6 months ago I’m finding it very hard I don’t feel like cooking I don’t go out I’m crying all the time like u some times it’s a microwave meal for me or some times I don’t eat at all .

Wow yes its the last thing you feel like. I was told when my husband died take people up on help and making a meal for me and my kids has been a Godsend for me. In the very early days I couldn’t do anything and friends brought food and its really is one of the only things people can do that helps x

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Yes I understand dinner was an occasion for us Colin would do the table pour the wine I would cook. Now I eat whatever is handy sometimes just standing in the kitchen sometimes nothing just a large glass of wine