Unexpected loss of my dad

I didn’t think I’d be the type of person to use these type of websites (no disrespect to anyone!) but I need to get my thoughts out…
I’m a 25 year old woman and lost my dad just before the end of May.
This was an unexpected passing. He wasn’t ill. It was just a terrible accident which was no one’s fault. This is the first (close) death in my family and I never would’ve thought that it was to be my dad. In less than 1 week later, we were meant to be going away to celebrate my dads 60th which was also coming up (around 2 weeks after his passing and then with Father’s Day nearby). This was not meant to happen! But accidents are just that. Accidents. You can’t predict them, nor can you avoid them.
Now a couple of months have passed since love you life was turned upside down, I don’t know how I’m meant to feel…
I live with my partner and he really has been a rock for me but I’m also feeling like I’m forgetting my dad so soon! I feel like I haven’t grieved much, it’s almost like I’m ignoring what’s happened. And then when I’m with my step mum and sister, all the emotions come back and it’s too much for me. I loved my dad so much, he meant the world to me but I’m feeling guilty about multiple things as well as how I’m currently dealing (or not dealing) with it all…

I don’t know if this post will make a lot of sense to people and sorry for the rambling. I just needed to write this down.


Hi, sorry for the unexpected loss of your Dad, life is often very unpredictable and brutal. I would say that you are still feeling the shock waves of your loss so you can expect your emotions to fluctuate. None of us think we’ll be using an online forum like this but it’s a very helpful way to get your feelings out. Society has a lot to learn about supporting people who are grieving. Take your time as you learn to adapt to your loss and use the support around you. Losing your Dad will no doubt impact hugely as you move forward with your life. Best wishes xx


I lost my Dad 18 months ago, suddenly. He wasn’t ill, just had a Cardiac Arrest.
I still feel like I haven’t grieved for him. I think it’s a long, slow process.
I can’t believe I still function everyday as normal really.
I think you are probably still in shock too. Be patient with yourself. I just take one day at a time. X

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