Unity Man

Two months in tomorrow. Like to say things are improving, but sadly not…getting worse if anything. Went shopping today and that is always hard as we always did this together. Then in the store they played ‘Love You More Than I Can Say’ by Leo Sayer…one of our songs and a song we played regularly as part of our set …we played as a musical duo for the last ten years…had a total meltdown in the shop. Worst day do far.


It’s such a lovely song for you to share. Thinking of you, today, @UnityMan. :blue_heart:

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Hi there UnityMan
I’m afraid two months just isn’t long enough to think that things might be improving. Still too raw and too many memories that keep cropping up.
I have broken down in shops in the early days. The first shop I went in after losing my husband a song came on called ‘I’m talking to an Angel’. I had to believe that this was some sort of sign, so perhaps yours was also.
My husband was also a singer and I have CD’s of him but still find it difficult to listen to them.
Give yourself time and have patience and you will find your way out of the ‘fog’.