Update on my progress

Well I just thought I’d write a little about what I have been up to since my wife passed away on 1st May 2016. on April 20th 2017 my father passed away exactly 10 years to the day after my mother passed away. I moved back to dads soon afterwards and together with Bro we share the bills etc. Soon afterwards I signed up for Job seekers and by way of the careers centre I was enrolled on a learning course to try and attain refresher certificates for my already achieved Forklift truck licences. I’ve been attending the Learn direct for the past 6 weeks now and have achieved a certificate in Retail and one for Level 1 IT. I’m currently on with Level 2 IT. Whilst hard work studying 5 days per week I have found its been good therapy in helping overcome bereavement. It just shows that even at my age (56) you are never too old to learn new things and its also a way to combat loneliness. Once I’ve attained my FLT certificate I can look forward to going out to work and I know in my heart of hearts my late wife will be extremely pleased with how well I have been coping. That’s enough waffling from me I just hope this post shows that there is a life after bereavement if you are determined enough. Believe me my wife is never far from my mind and I’d give anything to have her back same with my parents.

Wow, you’ve achieved such a lot, well done. I think you’re right that your wife would be proud. Thanks for taking the time to share this with the community.

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Good for you, johnboy4, I admire the way you have progressed after such horrendous experiences. You are right, it is never too late to learn new things and I wish you all the best.

God Bless


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That’s a really inspiring post. Thank you and congratulations on what you’ve achieved so far. I’ve felt so numb since my wife died it’s great to hear your story so far.

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Glad you found my post inspiring and thank you. Hope your numbness soon wears off. Keep going and good luck with what you do.

Thank you Mary. I also wish you all the best too :slight_smile:

Thank you Priscilla. Its not been easy I can tell you well the learning part hasn’t at any rate. I’m still struggling to pass my final exam having failed it twice this week and felt a bit down but hey ho hopefully I’ll pass it tomorrow. I’ll keep going until it is done and that will give me a massive boost of confidence. As it is I’ve done really well since I went on the course 6 weeks ago have passed quite a few exams as well as the Forklift refresher course. Then hopefully I can score a job and get out in the big world of work.

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