Valentine's Day

Anyone else dreading Valentine’s Day? It was always a special day for us. We used to make each other lovely cards, give each other little presents,have our tea in heart shaped mugs and always dressed up and went out for afternoon tea usually at the hotel we had our first ever afternoon tea date at. We couldn’t do it last year as I was recovering from a heart op last January but we still made the day special and were going to make up for it this year. Rob was 75 when he passed away suddenly before Christmas and I’m 69 but not a day went by when we didn’t tell each other how much we loved one another. There seems no point to anything now. We were one heart and mind.


I lost my partner 4 weeks ago tommorow, and knowing valentines day was coming made me so angry.
I love all the memories you’ve shared, sounds like you had a lovely tradition going. I hear you about one heart and one mind, I don’t think those connections ever go away! I am sorry for your loss.


Dear Sal 3,
Yes I’m dreading Valentines Day again this year as it was the day that Pete and I were married many years ago. He always got me a bunch of roses whether they were from a florists shop or aldi’s it didn’t matter and a lovely card. Then we’d go to the seaside for a few hours and walk on the beach and a cuppa and a sandwich in a cafe before going home.
Those were the days, if only…
You are so right when you say,’ We were one heart and mind.’
Love Jenny x


My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. He dropped to his knee and produced two daffodils ( my favourite flower) and a ring. I laughed and cried at the same time. I said yes. I think his knee touched the ground for two seconds. It was so funny. I even thought I saw him scan the car park beforehand. I will never forget that day. Ever since when it is daffodil season he used to buy a bunch of daffodils every week. I love him so much x❤️

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Yes I’m dreading Valentines Day too, there’s so much build up to these days as well, you can’t escape it. We always sent cards to each other, Derek always bought me chocolates & roses & I bought him champagne. One year he lined the drive with tea lights & rose petals he was such a romantic. I still have the very first card he sent me, thankfully. We threw away most of our cards when we downsized to a small flat because we were due to be retiring abroad & we had nowhere to store them, obviously we thought we had many years to send more :broken_heart:
Take care everyone x

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