My god…I don’t know how to face all the Valentine’s Day hype. It’s everywhere. And it makes me miss my Tim even more strongly, which I didn’t think was possible. We used to make a card, some were really rubbish, but the thought and effort meant so much. So for all the valentines missing their loves on here let’s post a photo of our other halves so we are not neglecting them this feb 14th.


Why dont you make a card still I’m sure he will be looking down and watching you. I do not really believe in Valentine’s Day to be honest, it should be daily showing your love, not a one day expense xx


I’ve made an online calender of my favourite photos so everyday I can see him and he is with me. Sadme


We agreed, we told and showed each other every day…the cards were a tongue in cheek thing really. It became a bit of an annual joke…his card to me last year said “you’ll do “ …made me laugh x


Brilliant idea Liz, I was just wondering how I was going to get through Valentine’s day as we always made it special for eachother, cards a meal out etc now this year it’s just me :cry:
That is a beautiful photo of you and Tim you guys look so happy and I love the costumes :heart_eyes: Our photo is not as elegant as yours but it sums us up :rofl:


Brilliant x

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First valentines without Mark. I have a new partner. It’s strange loving two men, how do I celebrate valentines day ? I think of Mark so much.


Rachel72, there is always room in our hearts to love more than one person. I have three children and a step child and, I love them all but have a different relationship with each one. My partner died three months ago after 16 years together. I hope one day I will be able to find another partner but right now it’s hard to imagine that can happen. I have kept all the cards that my Tom sent me and its a comfort to read his romantic messages. He always gave me flowers on Valentines day so this year will fe hard. He drove me mad at times but I miss him so much now he has gone. Xx

You look like a couple who had fun together. Remember all of the first holidays and events are hard without our loved ones. All we can do is be strong and wait till the day when dealing with this pain becomes easier. Big hugs to all of my Sue Ryder friends. Xx


My darling man, in my life for 49 years, now in my heart :blue_heart:


Happy Valentine my darling husband David who sadly passed last April.Always in my heart.Jeanette.


Dear All The photos are really all a nice thing to do but making me sad looking at them. I have all the ones Alan got me in the 43 years I knew him. All except the last one which I photographed as I put it in his coffin with him. When I used to visit him he would ask where his photo was, but he meant the valentines card which I stood up on a plate stand. Janet


We never did Valentine’s day but I found that song for all of you who did. Sending love to you all today. :heart:


I have a book of daily love quotes. This is today’s:

February 14

’ Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine,
love, though art every day my Valentine! ’

Thomas Hood


Well, I do believe in Valentines day and to all you lovely ladies on here you are all my Valentines. OK? Well now i’ve said it and it’s true. XXXXXXX


Aww thank you Jonathan that is so nice :kissing_heart:

Sending love waves right back at you x

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Well, it’s my first Valentines Day without my Mum, Dad and Brother. My two eldest boys 26 and 21 have not even sent a text saying ’ are you ok’ my partner did not even get me a 99p card :disappointed_relieved:

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