Sorry sarrah
Maybe your partner thought a valentines card might get insensitive? I think they feel they cant do anything right.
I specifically told my partner I didnt want the day mentioned just like I didnt want a fuss for my birthday last sunday. It just feels wrong to ‘celebrate’ any type of event at the moment and I’m happier ignoring them all.
Just a thought x

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Thank you. Our relationship has not been good for over a year, I thought he would of made the effort. But i can see your point though x

Fair enough sarah. I just know I’ve neglected my partner since my mum died. I’ve been so wrapped up in my grief that I’ve shown little affection to him for months. I hope you have a better rest of the day x

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I have always been there for mine, I’ve helped him above and beyond. I think I care too much x

Lovely photos sheila x

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Beautiful Sheila x

Happy Memories x

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What fabulous photos and what a gorgeous couple you were Sheila :heart_eyes:

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Thank you Sheila, you are both pretty gorgeous in your photographs too…love that you shared your wedding one :blue_heart:

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‘Until the end of time’ :heart:

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Dear Sheila. Yes it was a bit sad yesterday but my dear friend took me out for a meal and we saw the film Emma at the cinema. It really lifted my spirit’s. My husband is always with me whatever I do.I have a beautiful ring that I had made with his ashes in. I’m just taking each day as it comes.And soon it will be spring.Take care and keep safe in this windy weather.Jeanette.xx


You can see the love in his eyes x

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This is my mum and dad on their wedding day. It would have been 50 years this April ! I miss her so much.



Mum and Dad married yes 1970 in a lovely church in Harrow North West London. I have mums wedding album here. I used to wear her wedding dress round the house when I was playing dress up. Fell down the stairs and ripped it. Think she gave it away to charity eventually. Dad born in the East End of London. Both met at Baker a street Tube station when they were 17. :heart:

I am 46 this year Sheila. Mum has never lived alone and neither had dad. I have always said that mum would never have coped if dad had gone first even when dad was away with work we then used to go and stay at my grandparents as she hated being alone. Dad is alone and it breaks my heart. He is looking to move near me though. So I can look after him and give him love and company with his grandchildren and me.

When I got married mum gave me lots of little things some of which I have in a keepsake box.

This is my mum and me on my wedding day.


Lovely photos joules x

It actually doesn’t look like her so this is one of the photos I can look at. My dad has a photo of her looking a bit cross and it’s a typical “eye roll” photo at my dad. And I can’t look at it.

60 years September 10th 2020.weddingday10960repeat


What a beautiful bride you were Mary and Stan so handsome. So sad you didn’t make your Diamond wedding :cry: but you were so lucky to have had 59 wonderful years together :revolving_hearts: